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Standard Bidding Documents

standard bidding documents

A comprehensive package of Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs) for Good, Works and Services, comprises the documents listed below.
User Guide: The User Guide is intended to provide guidance in using the documents. It is strongly recommended that the Procuring Entities read the User Guide prior to customizing the SBDs. 


  1. Goods
  2. Works
  3. Services

RFQ for Goods: rfq_for_goods.pdf(169 KB)

RFQ Guide: rfq_guide.pdf(209 KB)

SBD for Goods: sbd_for_goods.pdf(503 KB)

SBD for Goods Guide: sbd_for_goods_guide.pdf(404 KB)

SBD for Simple Goods: sbd_for_simple_goods.pdf(456 KB)

SBD for Simple Goods Guide: sbd_for_simple_goods_guide.pdf(381 KB)

Local Purchase Order: local_purchase_order.pdf(163 KB)

Local Purchase Order Guide: local_purchase_order_guide.pdf(142 KB)

GCC for Local Purchase Order Guide: gcc_for_lpo.pdf(173 KB)


RFQ for Works: rfq_for_works.pdf(181 KB)

SBD NCB for Works: sbd_ ncb_for_works.pdf(560 KB)

SBD for Small Works: sbd_for_small_works.pdf(491 KB)

SBD for Small Works Guide: sbd_for_small_works_guide.pdf(324 KB)

SBD ICB for Works: sbd_icb_ for_works.pdf(613 KB)

SBD ICB for Works Guide: sbd_icb_for_works_guide.pdf(426 KB)

SBD NCB for Works Guide: sbd_ncb_for_works_guide.pdf(439 KB)

RFQ for Services: rfq_for_services.pdf(172 KB)

RFP: rfp.pdf(477 KB)

RFP Guide: rfp_guide.pdf(360)

Contract for CTB: contracts_ctb.pdf(448 KB)

Contract for CTB Guide: contracts_for_ctb_guide.pdf(358 KB)

Contract for Small LS: contracts_smal__ls.pdf(293 KB)

Contract for Small LS Guide: contracts_ls_guide.pdf(293)

Contract for LS: contracts_ls.pdf(362 KB)

Contract for LS Guide: contracts_ls_guide.pdf(337 KB)

Contract for Small TB: contracts_small_tb(306 KB)

Contract for Small TB Guide: contracts_for_small_tb_guide.pdf(278)


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