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The Mission of the National Public Procurement Authority is to regulate and monitor public procurement in Sierra Leone and to advise Government on issues relating to public procurement.

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The effects of procurement monitoring  on service delivery at local councils levels

Monitoring is basically a function which should provide regular feedback and early indicators on progress or retrogression in the achievement of intended results or impact. Generally, monitoring is a routine check action to ensure that actions are on course while evaluation is a time bound exercise undertaken to systematically and objectively assess the relevance, performance and success of ongoing or completed programmes. Monitoring and Evaluation have four key components which include setting up the system, gathering and managing information, using experience and information more effectively to improve action and communicate and report results. 

Effects: procurement monitoring on service delivery at local levels ensures that correct quantities and scope are completely delivered, the appropriate needs are met and limited resources are properly utilized for increased performance; this encourages contract completion, fairness, transparency and professionalism and prevent huge public funds from going down the drains resulting in weak economic growth in their communities.
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